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There are times that you don’t need to spend a great deal of money on professional filters to attach with a camera in order to add panoramic elements to your photography. As soon as I was creating my eBook,’The Whimsical Photography Playbook’I searched high and low for simple homemade filter techniques that any photographer would use to add that sought-after’dreamy haze’. Not only do I trust that you like this absolutely free extract out of my eBook, but I expect that you also create some amazing images employing these DIY filter thoughts. And remember – you can easily improve your results utilizing simple tweaks in the BeFunky Photo Editor to further transform your pictures! Without further ado, here is a round-up of tried and tested home-made filters that you’re going to love! The Sandwich Bag Trick: Most professional photographers use this simple and affordable tip to add a hazy and ethereal effect to their photographs. Rip a hole in the closed side of the sandwich bag (don’t use scissors as you need those rough edges! ) . Next, choose the open side of your bag and then slip it on your camera lens so the rough edges from the ripped part could be viewed around the borders of your viewfinder. Ta-da! You have created 11 DIY Photography Equipment Hacks And Ideas On A Budget an instantaneous fuzzy vignette effect. BeFunky Photo Editor trick: With the’Vignette’ tool under the Edit menu will boost this effect much more during the editing process. Adjust the colour, durability, and mix mode till you accomplish your desired appearance! The Vaseline & inexpensive UV Lens Trick: A cheap UV lens is only going to set you back about $10 and from smearing a little Vaseline on the lens it’s possible to attain a soft-focus impact, or make it look as though mist or fog is present on your picture. BeFunky Photo Editor trick: Further enhance this soft-focus look by choosing the’Soften’ or’Blur’ programs in the Edit menu. Use the Paint option to select specific elements of your picture to bring this result to. The Transparent Plastic & Coloured Markers Trick: This trick is really a personal favourite, and it was initially discovered through popular site, A Beautiful Mess. Using a bit of A4-sized transparent plastic (the thin variety that are frequently employed for overheads, document covers etc. ), you need to cut the plastic about 1 inch (all the way around) bigger than your camera lens. ) Next, use coloured markers to draw big, bold shapes or patterns on your sheet. It’s best to avoid Tiny contours as these Don’t show up through the viewfinder

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