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Scores 2966 Vote

Guillaume Pierret

Country France

average Rating 6,3 / 10

year 2020






I am 70 years old and have been watching TV/Movies for a long time! Just say I am an “experienced” Action movie film just jumped into my top 10. The hand to hand combat scenes were so riveting and realistic that I was shaking in my chair. The car action scene is second to none for reality and the crash scene A…

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Why is the exhaust pipe single at 1.13.23, and double at 1.16.38? It makes me give it 1 star less than i would give it.
I don’t think it is the exact same Renault.
A very good piece of French cinema! Gritty but without the cheesiness of being to close to a F&F franchise copycat film.
In short great chemistry between characters… exceptional fight-choreography. Just wow. br>
Any Renaultsport enthusiasts dream also. with a R21 Turbo as the main car, followed by, a Feature of a garage full of Megane RS mk4’s and Clio RS EDC’s
Cest’ tres bien. Very very good! I would highly reccomend this to any true petrolhead!
Loved it.

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The movie started off well then writing/direction/editing went off the rails.
I can see giving this movie 5 stars for the nice fight scene alone but rest of it has misplaced high school dialogue, dumb criminals and dumber cops and movie is devoid of any emotions(I just realized now why movie is so un-relatable, no one displays any emotion outside of manufactured fake anger.
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This is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Do not waste your time with this.
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Wow, this is an amazing movie. the story was simple and very good, the fighting scenes was wonderful, it was amazing and too realistic no, the French protagonist reminds me of the British actor jason stathon, i really surprised by this one, and I recommend it to all.
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