Russian girls submit selfies with pretend injuries to protest lax home violence law

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When the Bolsheviki came into energy in 1917 they regarded the household, like every other ‘bourgeois’ establishment, with fierce hatred, and set out with a will to destroy it. ‘To clear the family out of the accumulated dust of the ages we needed to give it a great shakeup, and we did,’ declared Madame Smidovich, a number one Communist and active participant within the current dialogue. The father of a kid is compelled to contribute to its help, often paying the mother a third of his wage within the occasion of a separation, offered she has no other means of livelihood. The query whether marriage as an establishment ought to be abolished is now being debated throughout Russia with a violence and depth of passion unknown since the turbulent early days of the Revolution. Last October a bill eliminating distinctions between registered and unregistered marriages and giving the single consort the status and property rights of the authorized wife was launched within the Tzik, or Central Executive Committee.

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The Soldiers’ Mothers Movement was shaped in 1989 to show human rights violations within the armed forces and to help youths resist the draft. The movement has gained national prominence via its opposition to the warfare in Chechnya.